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Enhance your defences against phishing using the latest threat intelligence solutions.

Phishsense can help your company to implement proactive protection against phishing.



The threat

Phishing is recognized as the most common way for cyber-attackers to break organisational security. Nowadays phishing is evolving and not only delivered through email, but also through social media, instant messaging, whatsapp, etc.

Therefore detecting phishing since the early stages of attack is becoming relevant to elevate corporate security.

The solution

Phishsense is a phishing reputation service aimed at providing advanced knowledge regarding phishing attacks.

Combining multiple datasets and feeds regarding known incidents, Phishsense can help your company to improve the ongoing defence processes for identification, mitigation and prevention of phishing attacks, regardless from where the threat comes.

How it works

Phishsense provides a more accurate phishing detection because it relies on multiple data sources and approaches.

Phishsense is able to determine the probability if a URL is associated to an actual phishing attack, also including attack patterns that are not commonly detected.

Traditional anti-phishing sources

These sources are the basis of Phishsense and allow to recognize the well known phishing attack.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation services detect potentially abused internet domains, but also allow to detect novel phishing websites, even before the attack begins.

Real time attacks

Phishsense can detect ongoing phishing campaigns in real-time combining information retrieved WAF with innovative machine-learning and web-site analysis techniques.

Phishing image processing

Phishsense use machine learning algorithms to distinguish between legitimate and fake resources

Human sensors network

Phishsense email client plugin allows user to report suspicious phishing attempts, which are collected and elaborated through sophisticated logics


Phishsense aims at bringing to the market disruptive, next generation anti-phishing services. Phishsense has been partially funded by EIT-Digital and is the main outcome of the WAFFLE Innovation Activity.


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